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Coinciding with the Perseid Meteor shower, celebrate International Starry Night the week of

August 8, 2015

with others from around the world. ISN kicks off Starlight Week, which lasts from August 8-15.

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International Starry Night began in 2013, with 32 events in five countries and two continents, attended by more than a thousand people. Let's make 2015 the best year year!

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Send us your "Starry Night Wishes" banners and Tweets, and they will be sent to the stars, via the Dwhingeloo Radio Telesope in September.  All wishes from Aug 10 - 17th will be included.

Thanks! to everyone who made the very first Int'l Starry Night so special!  

Re-recording: A Song & vid ~ "Dark Skies" ~ (The Light Pollution Song)

Here's the new public link to the fresh re-recording you tube song &video Dark Skies (The Light Pollution Song):


Published article by "Looking UP" news columnist AWB's Bob Eklund

Excellent Prospects for August’s Perseid Meteors

by Bob Eklund, syndacated writer of "Looking UP"


The Perseid meteor shower, an annual celestial event beloved by millions of skywatchers around the world, returns to the night sky this week, peaking late-night on Aug. 11-12 and continuing for several days through mid-August.  And because the Moon will be in its crescent phase and setting in early evening, no moonlight will hinder the viewing in the later evening hours.


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ISN Images

Sternwarte Sankt Andreasberg im Internationalen Haus Sonnenberg
Sternwarte Sankt Andreasberg im Internationalen Haus Sonnenberg
Perseid Meteor Shower Watch 2013
Perseid Meteor Shower Watch 2013

Photographer Wally Pacholka hiking Haleakala
Wally Pacholka, TWAN, world famous Landscape Astrophotographer will be speaker at Caspers Wilderness Park, CA ISN2013 event August 10....

Newest Starry Night events

Looking for an event near you? View all Starry Night events

Looking for an event near you? View all Starry Night events